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 Blocked Drains/Jetter Blasting 


Blocked drains can be very stressful and annoying when you experience them at un wanted times . 

They can cause major damage to your property and need to be addressed as quickly as possible and we understand this .


With the use of the most modern drain cleaning equipment such as High pressure water jet blasters , electric eels and portable mini electric water jet blasters we can unblock the toughest drain blockages . 

We keep up to date with new products such as sewercide , a drain cleaning chemical used to kill tree roots . Good to use after you have cleared your drains from tree roots to prevent future blockages . 

We update our jetter nozzels frequently which help us clear drains fast and easy . 


Good drain cleaning equipment is important but how to operate the equipment , were to clear the drain from and what machine is used for the right job is important . 


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