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Some handy tips and tricks before calling All australian plumbing 


Toilet water is draining away slowly ?


Attempt to use a plunger as this is a sign of a blockage coming . 

If not causing any damage dont rush , allow some time as we have many situations were the drains clear them selves after a few hours . There could be some toilet paper which goes through it self after sometime . 


Smell coming from the drain ?


Many times if its a floor waste that hasnt been used and theres no water in the trap , simply putting water in the trap can stop the smell . 


I think i have a water leak ? 


We can always do a pressure test to see if you have a burst pipe but simply not using any water for a while and checking if the numbers on your water meter have moved can let you know quite easily if you have a leak . 


I think i have a gas leak ? 


Gas can be dangerous and if you smell gas you should turn off your gas and call a plumber . 

If you cant smell anything and suspect a gas leak for some reson you can stop using any gas in your poperty and read your gas meter . If the numbers change over an hr or so you most probably have a gas leak . 


My sewer is overflowing outside ? 


Stop using all fixtures in the property as you most probably have a blocked drain . 

If you continue to use your kitchen or other fixtures in your property the drain will continue to overflow . 

Call all australian plumbing  . 


My hot water is coming out a browny colour ? 


This is a sign that the hot water heater is rusting and you most probably would need to get it replaced . 

Call all australian plumbing 


I got a burst pipe and water is damaging my property ? 


Attempt to immmediatley shut of your main water supply to your property . 

Your stop valves are usually located at the front of your property if your in a house and usually in an appartment under the kitchen sink or under the laundry tub .