Drainage Installation and Correction

The Importance of Proper Drainage Installation

Proper drainage installation is a critical component of any plumbing system. It’s not just about laying pipes; it involves a series of carefully considered steps and standards to ensure that your drainage system functions optimally for years to come. At All Australian Plumbing, we understand that each element of the installation process contributes to the overall performance and longevity of your drain.

  • Bedding: The foundation for your pipes, ensuring they have a stable base.
  • Pipe sizing: Calculated to accommodate the expected flow, preventing blockages and overflows.
  • Lagging: Insulation around pipes to protect against temperature fluctuations.
  • Material selection: Choosing the right materials to resist corrosion and wear.

Adherence to AS 3500-2 Plumbing and Drainage Standards

Our commitment to quality means that we strictly follow the AS 3500-2 Plumbing and Drainage – Australian plumbing standards. This adherence isn’t merely about compliance; it’s about ensuring that your plumbing system is safe, efficient, and durable.

  • Compliance: Following the AS 3500-2 standards to the letter.
  • Safety: Ensuring that all installed drainage systems pose no hazard to users or the environment.
  • Efficiency: Optimal functioning of the drainage system according to Australian best practices.

Why Choose All Australian Plumbing

By entrusting All Australian Plumbing with your drainage installation, you’re not just getting a service provider – you’re choosing a partner invested in the value and sustainability of your property.

  • Guaranteed compliance: With our services, your plumbing system will meet all regulatory requirements.
  • Investment value: Proper installation means fewer repairs and a longer lifespan for your drainage system, which translates into savings and added value for your property.

Whenever necessary, we arrange inspections through Fair Trading, ensuring all protocols are met. Upon job completion, we provide the appropriate Certificates of Compliance and other relevant certifications.”